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Friday, 3 September 2010

Dunblane Centre

Cynthia was asked to go along and give a motivational taster session at The Dunblane Centre's Volunteers Evening, which was held on 2nd Sept 2010.

Around 75 volunteers and potential volunteers attended the event. The support for the centre and the sense of community spirit was incredible. From youths to retired individuals, men, women and children all dedicating their time on a Friday night to find out how they could make a difference in their community!

Cynthia delivered a truely motivational and inspiring session to the volunteers and clearly delivered the importance of becoming a volunteer. She inspired passion and enthusiasm in many of the attendees.

We received some fantastic feedback some the people of Dunblane:

"engaging, thought provoking, energising and motivating"

"I felt positively motivated"

"it was very interesting, inspirational and motivating"

"it was an eye opener & an inspiration"

"I got inspired to do more to help than just volunteering"

The Dunblane Centre is truely a remarkable place, following the tragic shooting at Dunblane Primary School in 1996 people from around the world sent money as well as their condolences. This led onto the creation of the centre, which was purposely built to serve the people of Dunblane. For the full history and for volunteering options contact The Dunblane Centre on 01786 824224 or visit http://www.dunblanecentre.co.uk